We all have a million and one thoughts, ideas, goals, and plans racing around in our heads every minute of every day. Among all of the commotion of daily life and routines sometimes our dreams, plans, and wants get pushed out of view.  It is important to remember that you are only one person, and while I would consider myself the super hero of multitasking, it is unrealistic to believe that we can do it all on a wing and a prayer! We must create structure, guidelines, and a plan.  Or at the very least we must find a way to artfully construct organized confusion…lol.

Most people feel a sense of comfort in their daily routines and tend to do the same things over and over again, even when it does not suite them. Why do people do this? They do it because most all human beings need routines to feel connected to their world. We all like to know what to expect on most days and we crave the stability a routine provides.  Take a look at what you are doing everyday and for the most part you have a routine whether you intentionally created it or not. With that being said how can we do it all if we are always doing the same things every day?  We have to create new routines that allow us the time to put those thoughts, ideas, goals, and dreams into action.  I have found the following strategy to be helpful.

  • Write some lists & Prioritize: Write a list or two! Write the list in order of personal priority. Find the single most pressing thing and put it at the top of the list. Remember that there will be items that will be short term and items that will be long term.  If you are anything like me that would result in having two separate lists.
  • Be realistic: When you are writing your list, while you do want to set times frames, setting time frames that are to short will only create additional unwanted stress.
  • Envision: This part of the process can be a bit challenging, especially if you are felling overwhelmed in your day to day life. The idea is that you can only create something if you truly believe that you can achieve it. What ever your goal or dream may be it is important to see yourself doing it and thinking about how great it will feel to actually achieve that goal.  Some people may call this “day dreaming”, I like to call it positive mental planning.
  • Ask for help/Identify Support: Surround yourself with people that are willing to help you in your efforts.  This could apply to a spouse, friend, or family member.  Be careful to only expect help from those that are willing and able to provide it.  What I mean by this is if you are planning to go Vegan, asking your best friend who is meat lover to be your buddy on your quest is probably not the best way to get help
  • Network: Networking builds upon the idea of identifying support. We live in the world of social media and we have online access to most everything.  Finding a group of people locally or internationally is much easier than it was 10 to 20 years ago.  People with like interests and/or goal will be a invaluable resource to you as you are on your journey.
  • Check in with yourself: Depending on the goal that you have set, setting appointments with yourself to see how you are progressing will ultimately help you to stay on track even when you have gotten of track. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly and will vary based on the types of goals you have for yourself.
  • Plan: Planning is one of the most important aspects to reaching your goals.  Writing down all of the steps that is will take to get you to reach your end goal is important.  Write them in order and during your “check-ins” cross out or check off items you have completed.
  • Do the work! That statement speaks for itself you can plan, envision, network, and make lists, yet without the work it will not happen.

I hope that these basic tips can get you started on your journey.  Achieving goals and dreams is not unattainable for anyone, however sometimes we all get off track and have to start at square one and begin again.  Our lives can get hectic and we can forget that life is so much more than our day to day routines.